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NEW Holy Music Genre (National Movement)
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This is a new Genre of music, set apart from "Christian" or "Gospel Music"  In that it meets the guidelines of the outline below.


There will be sub Genres of Holy Music for all respective styles of music but what sets Holy music apart from Christian music or Gospel Music or any other style is that, the artist or album of music that qualifies must UPLIFT Jesus, or Christ, or God, or the Holy Spirit Frequently Throughout the Album, or Specific songs on the album. 

It should meet Nonsexual Inspirational and Positive standards.  Songs in Holy music CANNOT "GO BOTH WAYS" they meet God's standard of singleness of heart and worship to him alone (not a mortal person or lover). 

Holy music seeks not to look like the world but to be apart from the world. 

 There will be a massive project to amass artist who already fit that heading.  In holy music one should be able not with a microscope to find God. 

And more than 50% of the album should talk about Jesus. 

You should in Holy Music be able to Here the Name of "JESUS" 

"J" "E" "S" "U" "S" itself,

for it is the name which is above every name and the name at which every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. 

Holy music seeks to separate itself from all other music that does not conform to the preceding rules. 

Holy music movement acknowledges that other artist may be used of God to save souls...but that the Holy music movement is not about other artists its about worship and praise and representation of God Himself.!!!!!!!

It is possible for an artist to have one of there many albums qualify as Holy music... but that album itself must qualify to be apart of the Genre.

The goal with the Holy Music Movement is that no matter what albums you pick up you know you are going to here about Jesus Christ.

The Holy Music Movement seeks to Provide TV, Music, Videos, Education, and Science that all conform to the same rule.  "Jesus Christ is the center and focus of everything"